Acid Attacks

I just wanted to say that I’m not going to show any of the graphic images of acid attack victims, out of complete disgust as to what humans can lower themselves to, but I absolutely fucking hate, with every inch of my fibrous being, people who throw acid on another person.

What fucking honour could you possibly be retaining by permanently scarring another living being? There’s absolutely nothing honourable in the action. I mean, really, it’s fucking terrible. If you disagree with someone, then fine, talk about (or potentially, if you have the fucking guts, to) them, perhaps start a blog and argue with their viewpoints that way. Act in a way that discounts their viewpoint. Chucking fucking acid on someone has none of those qualities.

It marks you, not the acid victim, as a perpetually disgusting human being. You are utter filth. It’s one of the most horrific acts I can imagine someone doing. Far, far, far beyond the shame of being rejected, or having to defend your honour in public, or any of the other utterly contemptible and incredibly pathetic rationales offered for such a disgusting act.

Fuck you. Seriously. Fuck you, you fucking inhuman jerks. It makes the bile rise in my throat. Fuck you.