Cops Killing Black People

In all honesty, I can’t hold my rage in anymore. Police are not a body unto themselves. They are civil servants. That literally means they work for the people. The people don’t work for the police. The people don’t have to submit to the authorities in every potential situation and there’s no situation where police should escalate the violence.

There is a ridiculous amount of unarmed deaths that occur in police custody or apprehension in America (here’s some stats). The Australian system is less examined, which means the data is less useful, but there are a number of suspicious indigenous deaths that have occurred in police custody, including Eddy Murray, Cameron Doomadgee, Ian Ward, John Peter Pat and Thomas Hickey. There’s also been a number of severe violations of bodily integrity since Tony Abbott took control of the country.

The police are a body that are employed by the people to maintain societal order. The real question is what societal order they’re maintaining. If the societal order is that of generations past where we keep the darkie down in order to stimulate economic growth for white people, then they are succeeding wildly. If the point is to maintain a peaceful and compliant society then extra-judicial killings serve an awesome purpose; the killings tell the rest of us to toe the line or suffer similar consequences.

If I haven’t made my point clear, there should be zero, literally 0, killings happening in police custody. Any more than that raises the spectre of an unlawful law system. I’m firmly against the death penalty, no matter what the crime (if anyone cares to know why, I can explain in another blog post) and any deaths that happen in police care (and care extends to the hunting and arrest of known criminals) should be -thoroughly- investigated.

In all honesty, I’m at the point where I think any cop that kills someone should have to find a new job. Not because of the fact that no cop should ever kill someone (despite my death penalty objections, I can obviously see situations where it’s kill or be killed in the police line of work) but because killing someone will affect anyone deeply. Harry Potter’s lesson about Horcruxes wasn’t all child’s play. If you’ve killed someone, you should look for a new line of work. I don’t want jaded killer cops on the street anymore than I want jaded killer thugs on the street.


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