The One Percent

I recently watched a documentary on youtube called The One Percent, which was made by Jamie Johnson (great grand-son of one of the co-founders of Johnson & Johnson and thus inheritor of mega-wealth) about the extreme wealth inequality that exists in America (and can be applied to almost all countries with Australia definitely being included).

It’s an incredibly interesting perspective on wealth inequality, with Jamie being able to set up interviews with people that probably otherwise wouldn’t talk on camera (his family connections allowed him to talk to some pretty interesting characters, such as Milton Friedman (considered one of the founders of trickle down economics and one of the spearheads of the ‘free market’) and Warren Buffett’s grand-daughter Nicole Buffett who interestingly enough doesn’t have a wikipedia page and was also literally disowned because of her participation in this documentary).

I was surprised at how willing the interviewees where to espouse what I think are their actual real beliefs to someone who they would consider an ‘insider’, though there was definitely a lot of hostility shown to Jamie during the filming. I think that the mega-wealthy understand that the majority of people disagree with their viewpoint, but they simultaneously feel that it’s in humanities (and very much, oh so incidentally, in their) interests that everyone lives according to their worldview because obviously only those who have proved themselves through vast financial gain have the brilliance of mind to understand how to regulate the social system effectively.

But seriously, watch the doco. Watch it! It’s very good and I don’t think you’ll hear the same perspective from many other sources.

On my way out, just as a tiny note of apology, my blogging died for the last few weeks. I’ve been studying wildly for a week of practical cell biology I have to do in Melbourne next week, so my will to blog withered on the vine. I dunno if I’ll be able to squeeze out a post or two during the practicals or not, so maybe I’ll manage a post in a week and a half or something. Anyway, watch the documentary(!):