The Oscar Wilde Trials

Taylor (my rad sister) was recently asking for a book to read, so I sent her off to the Gutenberg Project, more specifically I told her to get Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Grey. No real reason behind it, other than Gutenberg deals with manuscripts that are in the public domain, so it’s a better resource for older classics than it is any modern novels. But then I got interested in who Oscar Wilde was.

Oscar Wilde

I could only hope that I would have such swag if I were born in 1854.

Oscar Wilde was an Irish born writer and poet (born in 1854, died in 1900), most famous for a collection of original pithy sayings (and many more that have been falsely attributed to him) alongside the previously mentioned Picture of Dorian Grey. He was also quite a successful playwright. Later in his life, he was involved in several legal battles and eventually spent some time in prison, which contributed to his later death. Continue reading