Cops Killing Black People

In all honesty, I can’t hold my rage in anymore. Police are not a body unto themselves. They are civil servants. That literally means they work for the people. The people don’t work for the police. The people don’t have to submit to the authorities in every potential situation and there’s no situation where police should escalate the violence.

There is a ridiculous amount of unarmed deaths that occur in police custody or apprehension in America (here’s some stats). The Australian system is less examined, which means the data is less useful, but there are a number of suspicious indigenous deaths that have occurred in police custody, including Eddy Murray, Cameron Doomadgee, Ian Ward, John Peter Pat and Thomas Hickey. There’s also been a number of severe violations of bodily integrity since Tony Abbott took control of the country. Continue reading


The Oscar Wilde Trials

Taylor (my rad sister) was recently asking for a book to read, so I sent her off to the Gutenberg Project, more specifically I told her to get Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Grey. No real reason behind it, other than Gutenberg deals with manuscripts that are in the public domain, so it’s a better resource for older classics than it is any modern novels. But then I got interested in who Oscar Wilde was.

Oscar Wilde

I could only hope that I would have such swag if I were born in 1854.

Oscar Wilde was an Irish born writer and poet (born in 1854, died in 1900), most famous for a collection of original pithy sayings (and many more that have been falsely attributed to him) alongside the previously mentioned Picture of Dorian Grey. He was also quite a successful playwright. Later in his life, he was involved in several legal battles and eventually spent some time in prison, which contributed to his later death. Continue reading