Is Scott Walker Secretly Tony Abbott?

Abbott-Walker Mutant

Scott Abbott, or perhaps it’s Tony Walker…

From a comment on a Dispatches From the Culture Wars post titled Scott Walker Proves His Foreign Policy Chops by raven (raven wrote the following comment, not the blog post):

Walker certainly didn’t do much for Wisconsin. His track record on the economy and budgets is simply terrible.

In terms of recovery from the Bush Great Recession, they rank low, 35. Wisconsin is running a $280 million deficit this year and projected $1 billion for each of the next two years.

Meanwhile the adjacent state, Minnesota has a Democrat governor who raised taxes. They are rated 5th in recovery and running a $1 billion budget surplus.

Walker must have to keep talking about union busting because he’s only done three things, cut state services, trashed the state’s budget and economy, and demolished a few unions.

Hmmm, so not only is Scott Walker’s foreign policy woeful (saying that Reagan busting up the 1981 strike of air traffic controllers was the most significant American foreign policy decision in his lifetime…) but his conservative policies (cutting state services, “incidentally” increasing debt in the service of the rich and attacking workers rights) have sent Wisconsin down the drain, directly next to a state run by a democrat, with liberal (not our liberal…God I hate how they’ve corrupted that word) policies that is in excellent health.

He is Tony Abbott. After all, have we ever seen the two of them in the same room? I think not! And there rests my case.

Anyway, fiscal conservatism my arse. Conservatives can’t govern their way out of a wet paper bag, unless it’s to fuck with the poorest members of society in order to better fellate the billionaires…

Just ask the contracted cleaners at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, who Abbott has just taken an entire $2 an hour away from (and trust me, they aren’t on wages where $2 an hour is unimportant) after announcing a year ago:

“I want to make it absolutely crystal clear that no cleaner’s pay is reduced,”

When he was discussing the scrapping of guidelines affecting some cleaners.

He also released a press release at the same time called Cleaning Services Guidelines just a favour to union bosses – and a cruel trick on workers. Go ahead, click on it and read it right now. There is STILL a bullet point listing saying:

No cleaner will have their wages reduced as a result of the Guidelines ceasing to apply. All existing cleaning contracts that were entered into under the Guidelines will continue to apply beyond this time until they expire.

Of course, I think their argument will be “Oh, but the cleaning contracts HAVE expired now, so we can now reduce their wages thanks to the removal of the Cleaning Services Guidelines.” Which is not, if you’ll pardon my dull intellect, the feeling I picked up from Abbott’s declarations. But that’s just me and my anti-conservative ways, I suppose.

Conservatives are the same all around the world and their policies have failed many many times. We need to swing the Overton window back to the left, so let’s all agitate for some fucking anarchy…


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