Sexism and Dentistry Collide

Dentistry; apparently another hive of scum and villainy. I hope before this story is told that I don’t have to go over the fact that all dentists are not like this (obviously) and that that doesn’t excuse the behaviour of the people who ARE like this.

The University of Manitoba apparently has a problem with student dentists.

"When I started I was one of two females and the jokes [and] the acceptance for certain kinds of jokes were shocking to me."

"He would make comments about other [female] residents weight or about her height. When we were studying cranial-facial abnormalities he would pick each one of us and say that we look to have this syndrome."

Sarah says eventually it evolved to text messaging.

"I got a text message from him asking where he could find girls like me, I asked what he was talking about and he said 'oh, because you're a whore.'"

In what fucking world is this acceptable discourse to a colleague (for that matter, anyone)? I mean really, what self-entitled jerk thinks it’s ok to text to a fellow student that they’re a whore? Would they have the guts to do that to a male colleague? I very much highly doubt it.

Just another statistic in the chilling effect of discrimination on females in science…We’re actively forcing half of the population out of a highly beneficial area towards humanity. Fuck that, let’s embrace the insights and developments that EVERYONE can bring to us a species.


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